How To Get iOS Assistive Touch On Android Device

Android is definitely providing everything to its users as a lots of soft keys offered by Play Store. But iOS users are acquainted with soft keys in the form of Assistive Touch, as sometimes the home button is not working . Down here you can find the link to get iOS Assistive Touch on Android device as well, check out more details.

In order to use soft keys on your own Android device you need to download the Assistive Touch free app from Play Store. Actually this app give you the iOS like Assistive Touch feeling on Android’s screen. One this is important to note that as this app is free so different will pops-up on your device screen while using the app.


Steps to Get iOS Assistive Touch On Android Device

First of all download and install the Assistive Touch app from Google Play Store, then launch the app and enable it, you will see floating buttons like Home, Lock, Settings and Wi-Fi etc on your Android device. The default theme for these buttons is similar to iOS but you can change the icons and background from app settings.

These soft keys panel is simulate the iOS like Assistive Touch with few changes. It provides a button to clear the device RAM to boost device performance. It also gives the settings buttons such as orientation, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, location and volume etc.

The Android Assistive Touch app is one of the good adding on Play Store but it needs some more buttons such as screenshot button, Google Now button which is already available in Android Lollipop’s Notification Center. Anyhow it is worth to test this iOS like Assistive Touch app for Android device.