How To Track Lost Android Phone And Tablet With Top 5 Android Apps

If you have lost your Android phone or If it has stolen by someone, so no problems now, We are here to give you instructions to track your stolen Android device. The best factor about Android is, it has an incredible number of applications. But the same factor will befuddle Android customers a lot when they selecting applications. That is why we are here to help those people. Here, We have listed the best 5 Anti theft Android Apps for you that will monitor your Stolen Android and get back device you or at least will remove your personal and delicate details in your lost cellphone. Top 5 Android Apps to get back your missing or stolen Android Phone or Tablet. Now you can easily track your iDevices.

What are exactly the most exciting factors in these applications?

In these Android tracking applications, only some of them can be installed after your cellphone is thieved or missing. Other than this remaining applications can be installed your cellphone easily for the best to sucure your cellphone.

List Of Top 5 Anti Theft Android Apps

Plan B Android App

Plan B Anroid App
If you have an android device operating 2.3 or lower version, then Android App Plan B is the very wise decision. This is the first and only ‘find my phone’ app that you can download AFTER you have already missing your Android phone. Having Lookout on your cellphone is the best way to protect your cellphone and find it quick, but use Plan B if you have already lost your cellphone and did not have Lookout installed on your phone.

You can install it remotely from the Google Play web store. Plan B will start automatically and will send your device’s location to your Gmail account. To search again after 10 minutes, borrow a friend’s phone and text the word “locate” to your missing android phone.

Price : Free

Download it from Google Play

Lookout Security and Antivirus Android App

Lookout Security and Antivirus Android App

Search defends you against all the bad things that can occur to your cellphone or device, like virus, loss, and theft. Lookout can gives you the best opportunity to get back your missing android device. You can find your phone on a Google Map, and make it scream if it’s on silent and see your cell phone’s last known place. You can also get an e-mail with image and place of anyone who tries to discover your android device.

It also has the automated backup and restore function you can access from the

Price : Free

Premium Service : $2.99/month Antivirus package

Download Lookout from Google play

Where’s My Droid Android App

Where is My Droid is the one of   best Android OS Application that will monitor your cellphone and aware the owner. Where’s My Droid can turn the ringer volume up and make your cellphone ring. The app can also get the GPS harmonizes with a link to Google Maps if you are not near enough to your cellphone to listen the ringer. You have the independence to track your cellphone from anywhere with a text messaged attention word.

Pro version of Where’s My Droid has some extra features which are,
1. The app will deliver the image of thief using front photographic camera
2. Option to remotely lock your android phone
3. Remotely delete all your data in your device.

Price : Free , Pro version available

Download it from Google Play

Seek Droid Lite Android App

Seek Droid Lite Android App

This is the Excellent app to monitor your cellphone whether you have left in a bar or missing it at a house. Using this Seek droid Lite, you can control your lost or stolen device remotely that is even anywhere in the World. This app has all the features of tracking app that is you can lock your cellphone and remove your personal data (information) and allow your GPS remotely. This app even work without a SIM card. You can also get recent calls records from your device.

Price : Free, Pro version

Download it from Google Play

Cerberus Anti Theft Android App

Cerberus anti theft Android App

Cerberus anti theft Android app is the pretty awesome tracking app that has all the features remote messages, remote alarm trigger, remote lock, remotely wipe SD Card and alerts of SIM change. Only   free trial offer for 1 week then you can buy a life-time license for a small price of 2.99€ from within the App. The app works even if the product does not have an internet access thanks to remote control by sms messages.

It has three ways to protect your device:

  • Remote control through the website
  • Remote control via text messages
  • SIM Checker (for devices that have a SIM card): you will automatically receive alerts if someone uses your phone with an unauthorized SIM card

Price : Free for one week ,lifetime License  2.99€

Download it from Google Play

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