How To Play YouTube Audio On Locked Screen iPhone [Tip]

If you are using the YouTube app on your iPhone to listen the audio songs, you could find this very frustrating that when you lock down your device, the YouTube will stop the playing audio. Here is a quite simple trick to let you to play YouTube audio on locked screen iPhone implies that now enjoy the track even you have turned your iPhone screen off.

YouTube Audio


When on the YouTube video page, tap on share button (one along the “+” button) in the bottom, and after that tap on “Message.” As soon as the compose screen shows up, here you are able to lock down your iPhone, and even then enjoy the playing audio in background.

youtube in background

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Play YouTube Audio On Locked Screen iPhone

The real tip come from reddit:

If you’re like me, you like to listen to music on YouTube, but their app is annoying because it won’t allow you to lock the screen and continue to listen to music on iOS.Easy way to get around this. While You’re listening the song, click the share button in the bottom right corner, then click the message button. The message screen will pop up. Leave it up and then lock your iPhone, the audio will continue playing.

The ideal solution would allow you to play the audio even after the app is closed, but it really is a very good if you are a typical iOS user of YouTube app. The YouTube prevents playing the audio through its API, so it is improbable we come across an audio only app for YouTube on Apple App Store, but we really hope the tweaks such as YourTube and ProTube will be updated for iOS 7, the moment jailbreak is out there.