Google Play Store Manual Installation Guide

There are lots of smartphones and tablets in the market which don’t have the most needed apps store called Google Play Store installed on them. Probably some people delete it accidentally who have the device root access, or there are some customs ROMs in the market which don’t contain this at all. But it is not very difficult to get the Play Store back. Down here an easy method to install Google Play Store manually.


Google Play Store

 People are sometimes confused with different numbers of Google Play Store for the first time. If you switch between these numbers which is sometimes looking odd, but Google didn’t release the in between version publicly. As new version always override the old version features.

The most up-to-date version of the Play Store is 6.0.5. The most significant difference we can observe in versions tick over to Google Play version 6.0: the new look Play Store font in the search bar along with other features provided with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Google Play Store Manual Installation Guide

An APK is the Android version of a exe program on your computer. Instead of downloading an app from the Play Store, you simply load it yourself without the Play Store’s help. This is of course very useful when it is the Play Store itself you want to install!

You can always pick up the latest version of the Google Play Store APK  from

The overall installation procedure is very simply and easy, but there are actually a couple of options you will have to look at on your smartphone’s menus just before your begin. So here is a complete detailed guide to get into all that marvelous Google Play app on your own Android device.

  • First of all you will need the Google Play Store official APK file to install. You can even download the APK file on your PC and then move it to your mobile or just download this directly on your device, in any case it’ll show up in the download folder. You can here download Google Play Store latest APK.

The download listed here is cryptographically signed by Google, so it’s safe to install and hasn’t been tampered with or infected with malicious software. But be aware of downloading files from other less reputable sources.

  • You will need to simply enable the external APK files installation just before installing the Google Play Store APK. This cab be done by looking at the “unknown sources” check box in device settings menu, that’ll make it possible for you to install the various apps from unknown sources, basically from 3rd party. This specific option can be found usually under the settings -> security, but can also appear under the settings -> applications on some specific devices. And after installing the Google Play Store just uncheck this box again.

Installing APK

  • Next you will have to find the location where the Play Store APK file located. As stated already, if you have downloaded the APK file by using your gadget it will show up in the download folder, which may be accessed usually from app drawer. On the other hand, if you’d copy the file from your PC on your mobile through USB cable, then you will need to locate this by yourself wherever you place the APK file. The simplest way to try to do this is to just copy the APK file in your download folder directly to find the APK file  easily.
  • As soon as you have located the file, just tap upon it to get started and a new pop up will show up prompting you if you would like to proceed with this installation. If this is not doing the job, make sure that step 2 is completed properly or not.
  • Just click Continue to install, passing by a number of needed permissions which the app needs. A bar of loading will showing, as soon as it finished the app will be installed.

Everything is done, it is very simple. Now you are all set to start the Google Play Store and simply download the apps.