Android File Manager [2016]: Top 5 Apps To Explore Android Device


What distinguishes the Android devices from iOS devices– apart from design and functionality stuff, is the adequacy of the valuable file manager feature. You will find lots of Android file manager options on Google Play Store. Make sure you select one of the best Android File Manager app from Play Store by checking this top 5 apps list to explore your Android device.

Android File Manager

We are having the file management on our own PC and laptops that it does make our life much easier with the file management on our own Android device. Fortunately, there are tons of solutions to get from Play Store or somewhere else but all we need to have an app which fulfill all our requirements.

Android File Manager: Top 5 Apps To Explore Android Device

To explore your own Android device check out this list of best Android file manager apps:

1: Solid Explorer

The Solid Explorer having a double panel display which allow you to navigate between two different folder and moreover you can drag-and-drop files between these folders. It is extremely easy to use with a very intuitive and clean UI.

Android File Manager

Other features are it also offers you a cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive,Dropbox and OneDrive. This app is available a 14 days free trail. And after that, you need to pay only 2$ to unlock the pro version.

2. MiXplorer:

This app is not available on Play Store, but is a fantastic app. As it offers you a blend of features of other file managers into one app. It is absolutely free to download with all new Material Design and look.

Android File Manager

It has 19 file storage services built in support. You can even reskin the app as you like, and it allows you multiple items copy-paste.

3: File Commander

It is one of the commonly used Android file manager. The interface offer  folders for pictures, videos, music, documents and downloads. Just open any of these folders, such as pictures and you’ll find the locations of all pictures on your device from here.

Android File Manager

4: AntTek Explorer

It is a very good app but not easy-to-use just because of its user interface which is little user-friendly as compare to other apps. When you launch this app, it brings you deep end of file explorer. But any how the drag-and-drop is very easy here in this app.

Android File Manager

5: Root Browser

If you have rooted device in your hand then this is best choice for you to select the Root Browser app for your Android device. It offers all the functionality of other file explorer, even you can set or change the file ownership and  permissions. You can edit all kind of file. You can use this app even if your device is not rooted, but it offers full functionality with rooted devices.

Just give a try these apps on your own Android device to check its functionality and features as an Android file manager. You can even find other apps on Play Store to download.