How To Fix The “iPhone is Disabled Error” Without iTunes Restore

Incorporating a pass code is the typical path taken to maximize the safety measures of your machine. On the other hand, you can fail to remember the pass code quickly or somebody have a fortunate guess, then your device is most likely to get locked.

This is how you get the iPhone is disabled error message. Having said that, there is no way to get worried about as we have the solution for this. Below is now the step by step guide on how to fix the “iPhone is Disabled Error” without iTunes restore.


Step By Step Guide:

How To Fix The “iPhone is Disabled Error” Without iTunes Restore

If you try the 6 or more times wrong passcode, you will see one of the following messages on your device :

iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 or is disabled
iPod touch 4G or 5G is disabled
iPad / iPad 2/3 or iPad is disabled

Typing the incorrect passcode for the very first very few times offers you an option to attempt once again after a couple of minutes, but right after you keep doing the attempts but don’t succeed in the end, you will notice the message that your “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes“.


You have only two options readily available on this occasion and the circumstances are.

  • Your iOS device was sync with the iTunes in a computer and there probably is backup out   there.
  • Your iOS   device has not been sync with the iTunes just before, or the PC on which you carried out the sync is not around.

Fix No 1: In scenario when you have synced the idevice with the iTunes

In this technique, you are able to restore your iOS device by using the passcode.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to PC the one you have earlier synced your idevice to. iTunes will go to open it instantly, and if it does not, try and open it on your own.

Note: If the iTunes asks to enter the passcode, just simply connect your iOS device to that PC  that on which you have iTunes sync  previously.

Step 2: In the iTunes bottom right area, simply right click on your device and select the Backup option.


 Step 3: Choose the Restore option right after the backup process is completed. And now you can use the most recent backup to restore your iOS device.

Fix #1: And in scenario you have Synced your iOS Device with the iTunes by no means

So right after your iOS device is connected to the iTunes, you will be notice few errors like “iTunes can’t connect to the device because it has a passcode applied. Enter the passcode before it can connect to iTunes”.

Step 1: Press together Wake up /Sleep buttons to shut off your iOS device unless the slider screen comes again. Then simply slide to off your device.

Step 2: Now just connect your iPhone to the USB cable but not with your PC.  And then launch the iTunes.

Step 3: Hold and press the Home button and attach the other end of USB cable with the PC but ensure that the iTunes is already open at the moment.

Step 4: Maintain the Home button holding and simply wait for the iPhone to on again. After a couple of minutes, the €œConnect to iTunes€ will message will be there on your device. Now just release the Home button.


Step 5: iTunes may ask that the your iPhone has been now detected in the Recovery Mode. then simply choose the OK and Restore for your device.


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