Create Nested Folders In iOS 7.1 With Few Easy Steps

Clearly there was a little bug in first few versions of iOS 7 which let you to create a nested folder, but Apple now fixed this. If you loved to make nested folders, we’ve got some excellent news for you. It is simple to create folder inside a folder within iOS 7.1 as well, read more here to create nested folders in iOS 7.1 with few easy steps.

nested folders io 7.1

Just as soon as the ability to create nested folder seemed to be taken out from iOS 7.1, iPhone fanatic Jose Rodriguez has exposed a very simple new technique that enables you to just as before to place a folders inside another folders on the most recent iOS firmware iOS 7.1. iPho9 and various people verify that this quick chop is effective on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 7.1. The steps are outlined down below.

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Create Nested Folders In iOS 7.1 With Few Easy Steps

  • To create a folder inside a folder, you’ll need one folder (we’ll call this folder 1), and two apps that live on the home screen, and aren’t in a folder.
  • Put one app over the other to create a new folder, but before the folder zooms in, tap and hold folder1.
  • Once the screen zooms into the new folder, you’ll see that you can now drag folder1 into the new folder. You can now release folder1, and folder1 will be inside the newly created folder.

For a better demonstration, here is a 26 seconds video clips exhibiting the complete process, that is very quick.

The ideal thing with this workaround is that it truly does work on all stock iOS gadgets, and thus no jailbreak is needed. The Nested folders allow for all of us for better organizing the iOS Home screen with a simple file system. Exactly like Apple made the decision finally to allow the Newsstand to generally be placed in the folder, i hope the Apple will ultimately allow the users to put one folder in other folder. At the moment, this technique will be all you need.

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