Quick Guide To Play PC Games On iPhone Using Moonlight

Being a gamer everybody like to play something new and find to play different games everyday. But the big question comes in our minds that is there anyway to play PC games on iPhone without taking big hassle the answer is yes there are lots of way to play PC games on iOS devices and here we are discussing one of these methods.

To pass boring time it great to have some fun by playing games. There are lots of gaming platforms to play games such as Playstation 4, XBONE, Wii U, PC or perhaps on your phone. But we come to performance so there is big difference between gaming on PC and your iPhone. But what if you have the option to play your favorite game on your iPhone and your PC is powered off.

Guide To Play PC Games On iPhone Using Moonlight

If you installed any game on your PC with controller support and want to play on your own iPhone then follow this guide here. If you are anxious the performance, then there’s no more worries. Check out below video for details:

You need couple of things to get this work:

  • You need a computer with controller supported games already installed.
  • On your iPhone download the Moonlight app: https://appsto.re/us/osZO7.i
  • An internet connection
  • An NVIDIA graphics card on your PC

One thing you may missing the NVIDIA graphics card. You need NVIDIA graphics card because Moonlight makes use of the NVIDIA GameStream feature to give the results. To find what graphics card you have, simply click Start —> Run and here type dxdiag and from Display tab find your graphics card.

Now follow these steps to setup everything:

  • Turn-on your computer with controller supported games already installed
  • From your iPhone Home screen tap Moonlight app to launch
  • Your PC will be listed but without any pairing. Select your PC and pair with your iPhone by using four digits code
  • This will populate all the PC installed games on your iPhone
  • Now tap any game to play it.

As we already mentioned earlier that you need the games with controller support because you won’t be able to use keyboard and mouse with your iPhone to play the game.