Bypass Android Lock-Screen Hack With Easy Trick

Usually people like to have some type security on their Android devices by applying the password, PIN or pattern lock on their device lock screen. But sometimes people fail to remember their device lock screen password or lock pattern which become an irritating matter for Android users. Here’s just go through this to learn how to bypass Android lock-screen security with easy trickAndroid-security-bypass


The moment you waste your tries to unlock the device it does not  automatically erase the device contents. It just ask you to unlock this in a different way – having a backup PIN you have already setup or having the Google account information on device. As soon as you have waste your tries, you will see a pop-up window informing you to hold back to retry and with the prompt in the bottom, so either use the PIN or just enter the Google account information and sign-in.

Bypass Android Lock-Screen Hack With Easy Trick

If your device is running on Android KitKat or below, the method to retrieve the forgotten PIN or pattern is relatively simple.


If you enter five invalid password or pattern attempts, a prompt with massage “too many attempts” will display. Where you will be ask to enter your Google email address to get out of the security screen.

For Android Lollipop devices it is a bit trick, especially if you like to keep device data. Here’s a few  tips to go with.

The very first and apparent one is that have you ever put in place a smart lock on your Android device? On a safe location such as a wearable. If the answer is yes, then just use that smart lock and no need to enter a PIN code anymore.

Sometimes a security software deal with device lock screen security which are provided by the device manufacturers e.g. Samsung’s Find My Mobile. But it need to set up before bypassing device lock screen security.

The last resort

Type of a final resort, however an easy way to get rid of lock screen PIN or pattern if there is absolutely no way you can enter into your device. Simply we hope that you’d take a complete backup at some point. For this purpose it is very excellent idea to take the backups regularly so if you need factory reset so you have the latest data to recover. I am repeating: performing this will wipe the phone’s contents completely.


Hold the Power with Home & Volume Up and you will find the wipe option for factory reset.

To data/factory reset will locked the Android device without having access to menu, simply you’ve to enter into Recovery Mode by pressing Volume-Up, Power & Home buttons concurrently right until you find the logo of Samsung, then release the Power but keep press the other two buttons right until you find the Android on the back. Makes use of the volume rocker to choose the wipe factory reset. press the “Power” button to select and scroll-down to option ‘yes, wipe all the user data’. You are accomplished. Reboot the device and now the device will boot up with no lock screen, pattern or PIN lock.

Are you bypass Android lock-screen or not. One thing is important that write down the pattern or pass-code of your device lock screen on a piece of paper to avoid such type of hassle next time.