How to Hide iPhone Caller ID On iOS 8

In order to avoid sharing your phone number to unknown people it is a very good idea to hide your phone number while calling such people. Sometimes we make a bogus call to one of our friends to have some fun. On the other hand while calling to a company or people who are unknown to you need to hide your iPhone caller ID and here we have few easy steps to do so.

caller id iphone

Sometimes we receive calls from some unknown company or person then we just ask ourselves that how they got our contact number. The worst case is when a company making calls or text to you from time to time for purchasing their products and you don’t want to receive such calls or SMS, then it is rather very good strategy to hide your caller ID from such people.

How-To Hide iPhone Caller ID On iOS 8

Down here you can find that how to hide your iPhone caller ID when contacting a person which is not known to you.

Note: The option Show My Caller ID is sometimes grayed out, so never puzzled as it will depend on your carrier.

  • Launch your iPhone Settings app and then scroll-down for Phone settings
  • Under Calls you will find Show My Caller ID option just make it off to disable

Show caller id

 Now just enjoy the real fun now you can make a call with unknown caller ID to other people. While calling the people will get a pop up on their phones showing some unknown or blocked person is calling instead of showing your contact number. You can also make fun calls to your friends by hiding your iPhone Caller ID in same way.