Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection : Here’s Trick

Factory Reset is always is good and safe for any platform, but professional hackers always find a way to solve different issues. Since the Android 6.0 makes it more tough for people to get into device root access. But it doesn’t mean that there’s no solution for it. Here we find a method by RootJunky which make it possible for you to bypass Android Factory Reset protection. But it is not so simple or hard. Check out more details down here.

android factory reset

Since with Android 5.0 Lollipop, the company has inlay-ed the Factory Reset Protection which make it difficult for people to perform factory reset state through Recovery mode. But with this video demo it is indicating that, this embedded layer of security has been bypassed, specifically on Samsung devices.

But because this Protection is not triggered if the device is going to reset through Android Settings app, and Samsung devices are designed when  connected then it access a USB OTG storage device automatically, even when the device is locked, the entire system can be exploited easily. All you needed, to copy a proper APK file to USB OTG storage then connecting the USB OTG storage device to the phone, therefore enabling the access to that file with no barrier.

Steps to Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection

The RootJunky advised that you just perform a factory reset through settings rather than recovery. We are detailed down the instructions down below.

• Turn the phone off, turn back on, and unlock. Because you “can’t get in” (for demo purposes), you need to boot into stock Android recovery.
• Hold all three buttons at the same: Volume Up, Home, and Power button.
• Wait until the device turns on and boot into recovery mode.
• Once turned on, you will see some options. Scroll down to Wipe Data Factory Reset, scroll down to “Yes, delete all user data”, and then turn off. Phone will reboot for the second time.
• Once powered off, insert a OTG drive containing a special APK. New system will ask if you want to sign in to Google account, you need to have one.
• And since you “don’t know” or have “forgotten”, insert the OTG drive with some APK. It will open the explorer. Click on the settings, then unknown sources, it will help you launch the settings.
• Scroll down to backup and reset, do another factory reset, then delete all.
• To disable the password and Factory Reset Protection (FRP) to finally bypass the protection and then turn on again.

Source: Android Police

Here another good thing for Samsung device owners that they can bypass Android factory reset on their devices. But because for Samsung, this is surely a bad news so Samsung should fix this by launching a new security update.