How To Install Android 4.4.2 Leaked Firmware On Galaxy Note 3 [Tutorial]

If you have a Galaxy Note 3 so Samsung just has presented you a another gift: as now Android 4.4.2 test build can be flashed on your own Note 3. It is actually a test version carrying the build number N9005XXUENA6, for the Galaxy Note 3 [SM-N900]. If you never mind the unexpected bug as the finished version gets ready for the delivery, then here’s how to install Android 4.4.2 leaked firmware on Galaxy Note 3.

kitkat 4.4.2 Galaxy note 3


the official firmware update via Kies has now begun in Poland, and the firmware number for that official update is the same as this firmware, meaning nothing at all has changed since this version.

So far as changes are concern, as outlined by Sam Mobile, it is quite similar as Android Kitkat 4.4.2 firmware on Galaxy S4 that we already shared with you last week. It is a first final build, so absolutely nothing will be increased or deducted out of this to the very last version, just slight bug fixes and few other improvements. That roll-out may go live in next few weeks and gradually moves to various nations around the world and carriers. But if you cannot hold out too long here is how to get Android 4.4.2 test firmware on your own Galaxy Note 3.

Please note:

Flashing this firmware on your device is done at your own risk and neither nor I will assume any responsibility for damage done. Flashing this firmware will not void your warranty or increase your binary flash counter. Please back up your data before proceeding as this process will wipe your device. This is the Open Europe firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005) with a build date of January 9th, 2014.

How To Install Android 4.4.2 Leaked Firmware On Galaxy Note 3

Step 1. Download the test firmware from here: Android 4.4.2 firmware test Samsung SM-N9005

Step 2. Unzip this downloaded zip file, and you’ll have two files with .tar.md5 extension and another with extension .tar

Step 3. Download the Odin 3.09, and then unpack the downloaded .zip for Odin 3.09 also

Step 4. Now start the Odin

Step 5. Reboot your Galaxy Note 3 with download mode by pressing together (Volume Down + Home button+ Power )

Step 6. Connect the Galaxy Note 3 by using USB cable with the computer and hang on for Odin to identify this. Finally a blue colored box will appear (inside the program)

Step 7. Add the :

AP_N9005XXUENA6_340325_REV03_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to AP box.
BL_N9005XXUENA6_340325_REV03_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to BL box.
CP_N9005XXUENA2_REV03_CL1277177.tar.md5 to CP box.
CSC_OXX_N9005OXXENA5_327209_REV03_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to CSC box.

Step 8. Ensure that there the re-partition check box isn’t checked

Step 9. Click on Start and then wait for couple of minutes until this process ends. Don’t disconnect the Device, just be patient

Step 10. As soon as your Note 3 rebooted, it’s all over!

[Update: 2:30 PM Berlin time 13/01/14]

The Samsung official update through Kies has now started to released in Poland. That particular official update has carrying the same build number just as this test firmware has, which means that no more  improvements or any bug fixes will be there to that firmware provided in this post before being launched officially. So if you have flashed this, you actually got the official one – there is no need to install that but you may also try to update through Kies likewise.

(Source: Sam Mobile)