How To Add Recycle Bin Feature On Android Devices

Recycle Bin on your Windows-based PC or Trash on Mac are the most important utility which can really get out from a very serious situation, as it behave like a real trash container on your computer where all the deleted files (except from permanently deleted files) are stored, and provide you an option to restore them back to its original location. On the other hand, mobile devices doesn’t carry such useful feature but it doesn’t imply that you can’t get this useful utility on your mobile device. Down here you can find a little tutorial that how to add recycle bin feature on your own Android device such as Android phone or tablet. Check out the details.


As you will find the importance of this little utility if you have accidentally deleted some of your important files from your device which get you into a big trouble. But if you have install app such as Dumpster on your device which send your deleted files to the recycle bin so that you can recover them easily from dumpster.

Dumpster is free app, which keeps all the delete files on your Android device in order to restore them back when required. Dumpster enables you to restore all your deleted data including pictures, videos and zip files etc. Despite the fact that, free app is actually an ad-supported app which will  irritate you a bit.

How To Add Recycle Bin Feature On Android Devices

  • First of all download and install Dumpster on your Android device
  • As soon as you installed this app, just start the app by accepting the Terms and Conditions
  • After launching the app you have to select the type of files which will be recovered through Dumpster app
  • To lock the deleted files from Lock screen option to avoid unauthorized access
  • If your device is rooted just select the Allow Root Access option
  • Just hit Next and that’s all.

You’ve add Recycle Bin feature on your Android device successfully. Now feel free to delete any type of file from your Android device as Dumpster is there for you to serve with recovery feature.