Download Wallpaper Cyclr Cydia Tweak To Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically

Wallpaper Cyclr Cydia Tweak Preview1


Wallpapers is something that you see every time whenever you turn on or open up your iOS device to use it, that is wallpaper is a much more personnel part of your device.  It’s always awesome to have some wide range rather than seeing that one applied wallpaper again and again making you bore.


Wallpaper Cyclr a cool new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer ‘Brain Cooper’, which is designed to take this concept and puts it in the reality. Wallpaper Cyclr do the job for you, you just have to enter the tags of those items that you enjoy. The tweak uses these tags to search Tumlbr and sets wallpaper for you iOS device relevant to your tags. The wallpaper changes at a pre-specified time that you sets in the Wallpaper Cyclr preferences in the settings apps.


Wallpaper Cyclr Cydia Tweak Preview2

The tweak can be enabled and disabled from the preferences pane when needed. Furthermore, the tweak gives the ability to put the tags of your choice and the tweak will use it to take images from Tumblr and then select the no of tags to match, and also the time period at which the wallpapers will automatically changes. During the auto cycles of the wallpapers, if you don’t like a wallpaper that appears in the cycle, you can change it and also open up the current wallpaper in the Tumblr through your mobile Safari and then can save it.

Every time when you force the auto wallpaper cycle, you will then have to lock & then unlock your device for the action to take effect. The new wallpaper usually takes up a minute to save to your device home screen & lock screen. This lets the tweak to be efficient in both CPU and battery power.

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No matter if you want to have a variety or if you are just uncertain about what you want to set as wallpaper of your iOS device, this tweak is an excellent way to randomize the wallpapers according to your chosen tags for your home screen & lock screen every time you use your iOS device. If you want to try out this cool tweak you can get in cydia’s BigBoss repo for just 99 ¢.