Customizing App Icons Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Devices

When the device is jailbroken having iOS, then modifying your look can be as easy as installing a WinterBoard theme. There are thousands of them to choose from Cydia. Options get more limited, if the device is hack free.


But that does not mean that it is impossible. We have provided already many ways to change a stock iOS gadgets previously, and now we have another to show today. Here is how to customize your iPhone or iPad application icons, without jailbreak.


This simple trick comes Tooliphone guys, courtesy of iCustom web application. The tool lets you make 2 custom application icons and blank spaces on the main screen. And everything is made use of URL schemes and Safari shortcuts.

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What you’ll do next? Just start cellular Safari on your gadget having iOS and check out There you will be provided with two options: make an empty area, or make a customized icon. Once you have chosen one, the app will information you through the remaining actions.

Below is the video of the web app in action:

Of course, the whole process is fairly boring. You can only personalize one icon at some point, and you have to point the web app to the URL of an icon picture for each app. And since you are really just developing shortcuts, you are going to have a ton of copies.

But I think if you really don’t like jailbreaking, or you have improved previous iOS 6.1.2 and cannot at this time, this is a way to modify up the look of your iPhone or iPad. And if you have the a little, you can really make your gadget’s look exclusive.