Wireless Minder: Turns Off Unused Wi-Fi & Bluetooth On Android Automatically


Mobile technologies has increased by extreme measures over the previous decade but sad to say, battery engineering has not maintained with the same pace. That is definitely why the cellular phones grow significantly power hungry on account of all the capabilities and applications, we have to sit near a power outlet to fulfill the charging needs of the batteries. We’ve found apps like Greenify and Deep Sleep Battery Saver and in past times that use various strategies to enable us get the most juice from our batteries. Other than the screen, the most significant drain of the battery is triggered by the a number of radios signals on our mobiles that we enabled constantly. These consist of Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth of all devices. While we have to disable them manually every time not needed to save the battery, but usually we forgets to disable them. Wireless Minder is a little app that helps to keep running in background with one objective: to disable all these radios options when they are not being used, while checking periodically if they’re required or not.

So let us say you’re attached to the Wi-Fi network, and have no use of your mobile data which is enabled. It will be a trouble to maintain settings to disable this every time when you hook up to Wi-Fi, and let it once again every time you are out of the Wi Fi coverage. The wireless Minder takes proper care of that for you. In the same way, when you’re on mobile data and do not have any hotspot for Wi-Fi around that you may connect to, keeping the Wi-Fi enabled will also drain the battery unnecessarily, and Wireless Minder takes good care by disabling that as well. Since it keeps on checking periodically if the radios is disabled by this may be put to use, it will keep the Wi-Fi on if it finds any Wi-Fi hotspot around that the gadget can connect, and will turn off the mobile data for you.

Minder for Android

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Wireless Minder: Turns Off Unused Wi-Fi & Bluetooth On Android Automatically:

The good thing about this app is its install, start and forget nature; there is no input necessary from you whatsoever, although the app does provide you a notification each time it checks for the specific radio’s status to figure out if it is needed or not, and if it must be enabled/disabled.


That said, it is not like you’ve no control over the app. Just go to the application’s settings and you will be able to select what radios should be the app keep an eye on. The options available presently are WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile data. For Wi-Fi, Mobile and Bluetooth radios, you can also pick the time period after which the application should examine whether the radios can be offer for use after disabling, which is by default 10 minutes . For the mobile data, the app will allow you to modify the radio settings in between 2G, 3G and 4G also, and selecting the correct one can help you even more to improve the battery life because with 4G when you are getting 3G coverage only.

The app also offers the scheduling option that allow you to specify the time in which it really should be active, so that it does not appear
when you already know you have a lot of battery (for example at home, or at workplace with mobile connected to the charger or your PC).

Wireless Minder app is free, ad supported application and under development. We would like to find out more options like NFC and GPS also included to its supported radios. You can get it for free from the Play using the link provided here, and keep up with future development of its at XDA-Developers thread.

Install Wireless Minder from Play Store