Unlock iPhone With Passcode Using TransLock Tool

Apple have some serious concern about security, but not 100% when come to lock/unlock devices. Users already faced issues such as fingerprint bug and iCloud hack issue. People normally using passcode to protect their devices but some time they forget the device pass-code and there is no way except device restore to get into device. Right now we have come across a new tool called TransLock  which can unlock iPhone with passcode using brute force attack to  gain access to locked iOS devices.

translock tool

The same attack was previously made by hardware-based tool called “IP Box”. Through USB connection, and making simple brute force the passcode locked device until it bypass the passcode.

The developer of jailbreak repo Freemanrepo which contain lots of jailbreak tweaks named Alfhaily, now able to repeat the same brute-force attack using a new designed tool TransLock on Mac.

“I tried to replicate the attack while covering the entire process without using hardware hacks,” Alfhaily explains in a post on his blog. He built an app called TransLock, which tries every possible 4-digit passcode starting from 0000 and ending at 9999.”

TransLock is less expensive than IP Box solution. And the TransLock is more fast in term of brute-force as it requires only 5 seconds to try every possible pass-code and to try every single possible combination it  would take 14 hours. Whereas the IP Box need 40 seconds to try one passcode and need about 110 hours for complete attack.

Alfhaily says, “I have plans to release it in the near future.” and therefore not released yet. This new tool will be very useful if someone forgotten their device passcode or device locked by somebody else.