Top 5 Security Apps For iPhone & iPad [2014]

Having iPhone or iPad, the security is the dominant issue. As tablets and smart phones are personal devices with lots of vital information and data inside these. From pictures  to personal contacts and card information to email, people kept a great deal of private, and susceptible data on their devices these days. As not only this, but iPhones and iPads are that such type of device which must be protected from stealing too. And here is the top 5 security apps for iPhone & iPad [2014].

iPhone Security Apps

That’s the reason that the apps stores are pour out with plenty of required security apps designed especially for iPhone and iPad. These security apps are different from one another; a number of of these apps help out to store your passwords very securely, since a few of these help us to track our missing device and some of them help us to keep the media and files secure.

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Here we consider some of these security apps which are adapted on the road to meet our device’s security needs.

List Of Top 5 Security Apps:-

mSecure (Password Management)


When we pertains to a password secure management having features such as groups, auto-fill, sync and so on. There are actually two major apps: mSecure and 1PasswordLock. For me personally, mSecure is very good as compared to 1PasswordLock that’s much more popular. The mSecure provides an excellent amount of security to secure and take care of various passwords. Options are very simple but very adequate; we can request the app to produce extremely secure passwords.

Price: $9.99

Download mSecure

Lookout (Device Tracking)

Lookout iPhone App

Lookout is effective just like Apple’s own app called Find My iPhone. It tracks the iOS device through GPS, allows you to locate the lost iPhone through the internet by using registered account, and it could ring the iPhone from another location through browser or even send a text message to iPhone when it gets misplaced. There are actually some other functions which don’t available in Find My iPhone. For example, Lookout saves automatically the last known position of lost iPhone just before iPhone lost its battery. And this app will even backup the contacts.

Download Lookout

Find My iPhone (Device Tracking)

Find my iPhone-icon

Apple’s own stock app based on GPS-tracking is the most effective tracking app for iPhone and iPad. It is among the best additions to iOS. When we installed this on our iPhone or iPad, we can keep track our iPhone, as well as control it remotely. Significant options contain the such we can make and an alarm on our iPhone, and wipe off all the data  just before it gets abused.

Price: Free

Download Find My iPhone

Best Phone Security Pro (File/Content Security)

Best Phone Security Pro

This app will keep your iPhone from illicit access: it is basically based on a pass-code lock system similar to the iOS 7 pass-code screen. The dissimilarity is that when this app is running, anybody who want to use your iPhone will be informed with alarm sound which is set by you. It is possible to record a specific alarm sound on your own and then use that sound. But more interestingly, this specific app will take the photo of anybody who gets into the with wrong pass-code attempts to access your iPhone.

Price: $0.99

Download Best Phone Security Pro

Foscam Surveillance Pro (iPhone Used For Surveillance)

Surveillance Pro for Foscam

A couple of affordable IP cameras, you are a security person manning with cameras! The app features like a security monitoring module where you possibly can check out the live feed from about 6 IP cameras setup in different locations. You can even manage the movement if it is the Foscam IP camera! It is an inexpensive and ideal solution for small business office setup.

Price: $4.99

Download Foscam Surveillance Pro

You need to check some of these top 5 security apps for iPhone & iPad.