How To Take Pictures & Video Anywhere On iPhone Screen

As we already aware of this fact the iOS camera app have not fulfill all the requirements of a photography enthusiasts, which compelled them to use other 3rd party apps and tweaks in order to overcome any required deficiency. Camrix is one of such tweak which enable you to catch any memory of your life from anywhere of your iOS device screen, down here you can find the short guide which show you that how to take pictures and video anywhere on iPhone screen.


Compared with other apps which make use of your device camera, camrix give a new viewfinder overlay in round shape on your iPhone screen which allows you to use the rear or front camera for taking pictures and recording videos when you want. It also gives you an effect of magnifying glass suddenly appear on your iPhone screen..

Camrix also provides configuration options within preference panel. But to use it you need to install the activation gesture for Camrix to work, after setting up the activation gesture you will see a spherical viewfinder show up on-screen which moveable on-screen and transparent so that you can use the content below the viewfinder.

How To Take Pictures & Video Anywhere On iPhone Screen


The preference panel also give the option to customize the user interface, such as shape, camera size, viewfinder edge and color and moreover you also can adjust the quality of picture and videos and setting the  default camera  (front or rear) for shooting pictures and media.