How To Speed Up Android Device 3G connection

Everybody wants some fast data connection and really like some tweak to improve the slow data connection, as when you playing a video or download something and your connection is not fast enough then you feel some frustration at that time. You will be very glad to see that a guy bahathir at XDA forum find the solution which we are outlining here down below that how to speed up Android device 3G connection.

data connection speed

To speed up your device 3G connection you have to change the configuration file which is used upon internet connection. Actually you are going to enable “Van Jacobson TCP / IP header compression”, that will basically improve your device 3G speed. Some users experienced the double speed in comparison to previous one, but it all depend on your device carrier, whether your device carrier support this or not.

Warning: Though the procedures we describe here have been checked to ensure your device’s safety, any operation which involves rooting a device can potentially cause problems. is not responsible for any damage which may be inadvertently caused to your device, and please back up all of your data before proceeding.

How To Speed Up Android Device 3G connection


  • Your have Root permission on your device
  • Options.7z archive:  the folder which includes the modified file version which should be replaced the device existing file.
  • File manager such as ES File Explorer (or any other)

Follow these simple steps to boost up your device 3G connection:

  • First of all download the options.7z archive and then extract with 7Zip. You’ll get a file called options
  • Copy this options file to your own device by connecting your device with PC
  • Now install the File Manager ES and grant root permissions to it
  • Now locate the options file copied in earlier step in ES File Manager and just press & hold and then select Copy
  • Open the folder (device)”/system/etc/ppp” and just paste the selected options file here
  • You need to change the setting of options file’s permissions, tap & hold the file then go into “more -> Properties -> Edit (Permissions) -> activate” and here you find the permissions for the file just enable the three permissions in readable of “owner, group, other”, disable the three permissions in writing and enable the three in execute and then hit OK. The permissions will be now like this “r-x r-x r-x.”


  • Just reboot your device now.

 That’s so simple! now you can check your device 3G data connection speed, to check it install the you will find the result. The speed also varies with online traffic and which site you using, but the overall speed will be change now.