Specs Comparison Chart Of iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s


So, as expected, no more iPhone 5, and 4s remains there among the list of new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. To assist potential shoppers out, Apple has tossed up a evaluation chart of these three new models, and since we are hardly familiar with the iPhone 5c or 5s our self, we will collect a much better view on how they persist against one another. Here we have Specs Comparison Chart Of iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s.

Certainly, one of the important factors in this discussion will be the iPhone price. The iPhone 5s starts off from subsidized $199 for two-year contract, going all the way nearly $399 for all those in the current market for the high-tech 64GB model. Meanwhile the iPhone 5c price is between $99 and $199, which is a substantial difference with the 4s – even now a significant gadget by our reckoning – charging absolutely nothing on contract.


If you are searching for LTE, you are surely going to be picking out the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, because the iPhone 4s does not support this. This might not be the major stuttering block for most, but if you would like to future proof your gadget as much as possible, getting a 4G LTE-agreeable model will be recommended.

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Specs Comparison Chart Of iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s

The A5 chip of iPhone 4s was extremely competent in its own days, and the A6 chip of the iPhone 5, now in iPhone 5c, is more sufficient for daily tasks. But with Apple A7 chip, with a 64-bit architecture, along with the M7 motion coprocessor really offer a boost for the iPhone 5s. Animated graphics will be much smoother, and the new device should be considerably stronger when truly put through its paces.

The cameras become more stronger gradually since the 4s, and the 5c, which borrows the camera (and generally almost everything) from iPhone 5, might be able to provide the much better low-lighting photos. The iPhone 5s contain True Tone camera flash, which gives more genuine lighting in darker situations, and is usually a marginally better photo shooter than iPhone 5.

It is strange to find out that iPhone 5 relegated from existence, and what was the flagship yesterday is now simply useless. Still, it exist on in basis thanks to the 5c being somewhat more than a plastic model, and no matter which model of iPhone you choose, make sure to have a look at the complete table of specs.

iPhone 5s 5c 4s comparison chart