How To SIM Unlock iPhone 5S [Using Unlocking Service]

iPhone SIM unlocked is slightly different from other mobile devices. For almost every other GSM gadget, you only give the unlock code by supplying the device IMEI number, hang for unlock code to be delivered to you through email, and use that on your device. In case of iPhone, you have to give the IMEI number to unlock service site, they will send an email to you as soon as the unlock process is completed (normally it takes a couple of days), after this you have to plug into computer with iTunes and hang on for iTunes to inform you that your device is unlocked. For someone else who are really interested that how to SIM unlock iPhone 5S using unlocking service just read this content here.

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OK, it is very important to make note of this that you have to pay for such unlocks and that the unlock price they usually cost varies due to lots of things. At the moment, sad to say, they are not so cheap, in reality, they are very expensive. Most unlocking service we’ve found demand up to $100 for unlock code. But if are still needy to unlock your device, here is how to get the unlock service to unlock your iPhone 5s.

Note:Not all devices can be used on all carriers (i.e. an AT&T or T-Mobile iPhone, even when unlocked, will not work on Verizon or Sprint).

How To SIM Unlock iPhone 5S

Find device IMEI:

  • Open  Settings app -> General option -> About
  • Find the IMEI code here and note down this number (without spaces)

Pay for iPhone Unlock Service:

There are a lot of site to get the unlocking services for your device. You can use any one, but now we are using the site called (remember please, that we are not getting any thing from this site as it is only for general user help and we are not responsible if any thing goes wrong).

Another thing you must consider before pay anything to such sites is that choose such unlocking service site which gives a money back guarantee and has few good user reviews as well.

The moment you provide the IMEI code to them with payment, the after that just wait because they takes a couple of days to unlock your device.

Open iTunes now to Unlock iPhone:

  • The moment you receive an email which says that your iPhone is now unlocked, so just go-to Settings -> iCloud.
  • Log-in with your own Apple ID and password if asked.
  • Disable the Find my iPhone option.
  • Remove the current SIM card.
  • Insert an another SIM card which is not authorized (and is not the one your iPhone locked to).
  • Turn on now.
  • It will tell you that you need to activate your device now.
  • Connect with any Wi-fi and then let it to activate.
  • The name of the new carrier will be appeared in the upper status bar. If that’s the case, then you have successfully unlock your iPhone.

If you failed, plug  your device into computer, and start iTunes and just hang on it to make sure that your iPhone is unlocked now (otherwise you have to restore your device and then try to unlock again).