How To Shoot Panaroma Photos With iPhone 4


Despite that camera have been provided with almost each and every  iPhone since the very first iPhone became available in 2007, but we got the chance when the iOS 6 was released which provide us the ability to shoot pictures in real panorama mode. You probably do not know that this specific function was available only with iPhone 4S and later devices. But the as iOS hackers have been hectic to develop tweak which allow such function for other devices as well and you will discover a good number of such tweaks. And one got here as well that satisfy your demand that how to shoot panaroma photos with iPhone 4.


One this kind of tweak is named PanoMod. It is absolutely free of cost to download from Cydia famous Repo called Big Boss and it help you take panoramic photos quite easily. One of the most important feature of this special tweak is usually that it’ll provide the panorama mode on all iOS devices which running on iOS 6+, even on such iPhones in which this function is not provided by the Apple, such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

How To Shoot Panaroma Photos With iPhone 4

This is certainly a big bonus for old devices. This tweak seems like it uncovers the secret code which is used to turn off this special feature on nearly anything just before the Apple iPhone 4S. As Apple have been testing the Panorama mode for a while but it came out only last year when Apple released iPhone 5. PanoMod is a very straightforward tweak. As soon as installed on your device all you have to do is just go-to the Settings app and here enable this feature. You possibly can modify the textual content on Panorama slider, size of the image, transform the direction of the panoramic picture with an easy one tap, turn on/off the flash  and manage the zoom options.



PanoMod is definitely the very first tweak of its type which is so excellent and so easy and simple to use. It is much-needed app if you really like to use your own iPhone for beautiful photography, and because it is a free offer. PanoMod needs an iPhone which is jailbroken , provided that it is running on iOS 6+.