How To Open Apps Directly From iOS 7 Lock Screen [Video]

Possibly would you like to wake-up your iPhone and open apps directly from lock screen? Yes the AppBox tweak provides the app’s shortcuts on lock screen, and you have not need to unlock your iPhone. It would not be so worthy but actually it bypass the iOS lock screen, but the moment anyone try this for apps which is used often, they will definitely like this tweak, so just go through this to see how to open apps directly from iOS 7 lock screen.

You need a jailbreak iPhone for this:

To do this procedure you must be jailbroken. If you aren’t, you can head to our Jailbreak How To section and pick the jailbreak for your version of iOS. Once done with that procedure and you have Cydia installed, head back here to continue.

ios7 screenshot

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How To Open Apps Directly From iOS 7 Lock Screen

  • Open the Cydia
  • Tap on search in right bottom corner
  • Here type-in  AppBox
  • Tap the AppBox when it appears.
  • Tap on Purchase button and then stick to the prompts to purchase by using your favorite method
  • Tap the Close button when you have paid
  • Tap on Install where the Purchase used to be
  • Finally Confirm and then reboot your device.

Configuring AppBox

  • Tap on “Enable”  switcher  to On
  • Tap the Apps
  • Tap the Apps once again

There are actually six default apps, but it is possible to add/remove the apps by just tapping the 3 lines along the app name, and simply dragging them.

  • Tap on Auto-Unlock
    • In order to device lock itself just after using the app from lock screen, switch on the “Enable” toggle to green position close to Enable Aut0-Unlock to momentarily unlock the iPhone when opening the apps from iOS lock screen. Also type in your pass-code in the given box.
    • To keep your iPhone unlocked just after opening an app from lock screen, switch on the “Enable” option. Tap in the pass-code in box below
    • To unlocked your phone with only specific apps from lock screen, tap the “Auto-Unlock Apps”, and tap & drag the apps from Enabled list down to the Disabled list to stop those specific apps to unlocked your phone.

Now just press physical lock & unlock button on your iOS 7  screen and on lock screen, just swipe to the left to find all the selected app shortcuts to open directly from device lock screen.