Microsoft Launched Remote Desktop App For Android And iOS [Download Now]

As Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to public currently. In addition to the desktop Operating system, the big Redmond company Microsoft launched Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS. These brand new Remote Desktop applications enable you to connect with a computer and manage it with your iOS or Android device.

There are actually several apps currently available for these two major platforms that allow a Computer, or a Mac to be remotely controlled, but it is nice always to have an offer officially. The Redmond company has been giving their efforts to have its large range of apps to a different audience, especially in mobile tech.

iOS Remote Desktop App

These Remote Desktop applications for iOS and Android uses exactly the same Remote Desktop Protocol that Microsof company has applied to connect its Windows machines with their server. The iOS and Android apps might be able to connect to any PC which has Remote Desktop option switched on in the Control Panel.

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Microsoft Launched Remote Desktop App For Android And iOS

Obviously, a large percentage of Android and iOS users will be also Mac users, and therefore, will quickly realize no use for this specific release. But for all those who already own a PC, this official Remote Desktop app is last but not least here.

iOS Remote Desktop App

The applications are developed for the business users, enabling them to operate remotely by providing them the power to connect to their PC. The Home users can also use these apps to manage the in-house media server or to connect their PC when they’re traveling. Not amazingly, the Remote Control performs better on bigger screen of iPad, although the iPhone version will take you what you require in a touch.

Android Remote Desktop App

The Remote Desktop apps for Android and iOS is available now to get for free, and we have provided the links here below will help you to get the download page.

Remote Desktop for iOS from App Store
Remote Desktop for Android from the Play Store