Microsoft Introduced Cortana To Take On Apple’s Siri

From last three years, Apple launched iPhone 4S which give us a brand new voice recognition digital assistant also known as Siri. A sensible attractive woman voice that can answer all the question and she also has a real sense of humor. Right now Microsoft introduced Cortana to take on Apple’s Siri. Titled after a virtual personality in company’s well-known Halo gaming series, the feature is actually powered by the Bing and provides a blend of Google Now and Siri like traits.


At Build Developer Seminar at San Francisco Microsoft unveiled Cortana. The digital assistant will out there with various new features with Windows Phone 8.1 new update, likely to release in next couple of months.

According to Microsoft, the update will beolling out to Windows Phone users in the “next few months” and will start shipping on new devices later this month. On that front, 3 new Nokia Lumia phones were also unveiled today, including the Lumia 930 which features a 1080p display, a 2.2Ghz CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 20MP camera.

Microsoft Introduced Cortana To Take On Apple’s Siri

You may communicate with Cortana by activated either by a designated Live Tile on home screen of your Windows Phone or inbuilt search button of your device. After that, it operates very much like any digital assistant, competent for  searching the web, alarms setting, locating restaurants nearby as well as other standard task.

Cortana also offers a couple of unique features likewise, for instance contextual reminders which will help to remind you of some thing when you are speaking with that specific person, and the capability to add shows to queue on the Hulu Plus. Microsoft also has offered an API for 3rd-party apps to configure with, but to what level, we do not know however.

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Other 8.1 changes include things like a brand new Action Center, just like Control & Notification Centers of iOS 7, a rejuvenated start screen and an up-to-date Windows Phone Store. The Skype also been incorporated in new style at this point, and WP keyboard has also been refurbished along with support for the “wordflow” gesture based typing.