Knock App: Allows To Unlock Mac By Knocking iPhone

Knock is the exciting new app for the iPhone user. The Knock app allows to unlock Mac by knocking iPhone by using Bluetooth, with no trouble of type in the password. Knock comes along with a associate Mac app which couples with the iOS app via Bluetooth, and makes it possible for you to unlock the Mac with just only two knocks on the iPhone back.


Knock works by using Low Power Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with the Mac, so don’t worry, the Knock app will not drain the  battery of iPhone at all.


knock appHere is the short description from App Store of the Knock app:

“Faster and safer than typing a password, for iOS and Mac.

You keep your iPhone with you all the time. Now you can use it as a password. You never have to open the app— just knock on your phone twice, even when it’s in your pocket, and you’re in.


Using Knock won’t drain your iPhone’s battery, even if you use it all day every day. Knock securely communicates with your Mac using Bluetooth Low Energy, a new technology that draws very little power.”

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Knock App: Allows To Unlock Mac By Knocking iPhone

And here is the video where Knock app in action:

Because the Knock app needs Bluetooth 4.0, it is actually works with the

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c , iPhone 5s, even iPhone 4s
  • MacBook Air 2011 or later one
  • iMac 2013 or new one
  • MacBook Pro or new one
  • Mac Mini 2011 or new one

If you’ve any difficulties to unlock the Mac with the Knock app, you can unlock always this with conventional way by typing the password. We really love the idea behind the Knock app, but in our own tests it did not apparently work as easily as we’d expected. As I’m in the position to unlock my Mac by using this app, but I’d to knock twice and some time extra knocks  to unlock the MAC.

The Apple Knock app is now available in App Store for just $3.99 [download Knock app]. And download the Mac app at no cost from the Knock’s website.