iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone: Here’s How To Fix

Almost every iOS user is fully aware of iTunes usage and important as iTunes is used to back up and sync your iOS device data from a Mac or PC, but sometimes you face a very odd error “iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone” while connecting your iOS device such as iPhone or iPad with PC or Mac on which iTunes is installed. Check out the details to fix this iTunes error on your PC or Mac.

itunes could not connect to this iphone

The more irritating thing is that when you start getting this repeated iTunes error pop-up which stop you to charge your device from your computer and worst thing is that you can not perform device syncing to take back-up. Here you can find few remedies to fix this.

iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone: Here’s How To Fix

Nonetheless, the main cause for this error is a hardware as there is very little chance that the software is a culprit. Anyhow to try these methods to fix  “iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone” error while connecting your iPhone or iPad with computer.

1: Change Different USB Port

Simply unplug your charging or lightning cable from USB on which this error pop up and plug into different USB port. As most likely the USB port induce this problem  so changing the port may fix this issue if doesn’t work then follow these options.

2: Change Charging Cable

If all the USB ports are checked and the error is still there, then another reason is that check your charging or lightning cable, just try another cable to connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer to see that if it works. Make sure that always use an Apple authenticated cable.  If it doesn’t works then try the following method.

 3: Kill the ATH.exe process

Just open the task manager of Windows and in processes tab find the process called ATH.exe and just hit the “End Process” button, and then connect your device again with computer, hopefully the iTunes will pick your device at this moment.

4: Restart everything

The last and final resort is just restart everything including iPhone/iPad and your computer on which iTunes is installed for when if all the above mentioned methods failed because sometimes an unresponsive service or program may lead to such type of problems.

Hopefully one of the above method will solve the error “iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone” on your computer.