iPhone Ringtone: How To Create Using iTunes 12

iPhone is different from Android phones in term of different things as both phones are different of hardware and software. The Android phone provide more fun to its users. One of such things are the custom ringtones which give some real fun to it user. But you can also make your own ringtones by using iTunes. Here’s how to create iPhone ringtone using iTunes 12. Check out more details.

iPhone Ringtone

Apple doesn’t allow an easy way to make custom ringtones. Although it is little bit difficult but not impossible. Here in this short article, we are going to show you creating your own iPhone ringtone using iTunes.

iPhone Ringtone: How To Create Using iTunes 12

You must know couple of things about iTunes ringtones before creating it:

  • Create an AAC version of the tone that you want as custom ringtone.
  • Change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r so it’s recognized as a ringtone by iTunes
  • It shouldn’t be longer than 30 seconds (it’s 40 but having it at 30 makes it safer)

iPhone Ringtone Making Steps

  • Launch iTunes and find your favorite song and make a copy of this
  • Right click on this and from menu select “Get Info”

iTunes ringtone

  • From Option tab select “Start Time” and “Stop Time”, check them and give start and stop time for custom ringtone, click OK
  • Now from return to iTunes and right click on edited song, and select “Create AAC version

iTunes ringtone

  • A new file with .m4a extension will be created, rename the file
  • Open the folder and locate the newly created .m4a file, and click file menu then select “Show in Explorer” for Windows or “Show in Finder” for Mac
  • Now change the file extension to .m4r (if you are using the Windows and the extension is not showing then from Tools – > Options enable the extension view)
  • After renaming the extension, go back to iTunes and open Tones section, the  newly created ringtone will be there.

Now just sync your iPhone with iTunes by using option “Sync Tones“, and the newly created tone will available under iPhone ringtone list. Although it is required more steps to create custom iPhone ringtone but good to see this.