How To Install Cydia Alternative Mojo Installer On Non-Jailbroken Devices

If are really engaged in the jailbreak community in past, then you will aware of this fact that recently there are lots of new iOS firmware released. And as usual some time is needed to find a jailbreak for every new iOS version. The iOS 9.3.1 is the last firmware released by the Apple and there’s no jailbreak solution available in the market for this new firmware, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything without jailbreak. We find another Cydia Alternative called Mojo Installer for non-jailbroken devices. Check out more details here to install this.

Mojo is very simple and easy to use app-based installer. It is a blend of different repositories just like Cydia, but the good thing about this is you doesn’t need any jailbreak to use this.

Cydia Alternative

Obviously nothing can fill the space of Cydia and real jailbreak, but in the meanwhile when there’s no public jailbreak solution available in the market for latest iOS firmware versions, then Mojo could possibly be used as Cydia alternative. By installing Mojo, you can install different apps and games on your non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To install Mojo you need some odd steps. Here we are with detail steps you can follow to get Mojo a Cydia alternative on your non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad running on iOS 9.3.1 or earlier firmware.

Download Cydia Alternative Mojo Installer On iPhone, iPad

  • First of all open Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad and navigate to following url                        (

Cydia Alternative

  • The Mojo Installer page will open with lot of info and detail about the Mojo package. You will find a button “Install directly from your iDevice” in the middle just hit that button
  • A new page will open requesting you to build a custom profile and why it’s needed. Tap on the Build Custom Profile button

Cydia Alternative

  • The Mojo’s profile will appear with install button in top-right corner just hit install option to install the profile

Cydia Alternative

  • You will be taken back to the browser with a message indicating that the profile was installed successfully. On the same page, scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Install Mojo button to install the app on your device

Mojo Cydia Alternative

  • A confirmation message will appear asking you to install Mojo, hit Install button once again
  • Once again, you will be taken back to the Settings app to install another profile. Proceed by tapping on the Install button. If a Warning screen appears, continue by pressing the Install button
  • Finally you will receive a message that Mojo profile successfully installed. Just hit done button to launch the Home screen
  • On first launch of Mojo installer a welcome screen will appear and you have to wait for couple of seconds until the Mojo finishes its configurations
  • The Mojo main page will appear, from here you can add a new source from Source tab or install different apps from Packages tab. One more thing that there are some apps which require a certificate to run on your device, all you need to go into device Settings -> General -> Profile and trust each of them to be able to launch

If you didn’t like Mojo or it doesn’t work as advertised, you can remove it by going to Settings -> General -> Profile, choose the Mojo Installer profile and tap on the delete button to remove it.

By applying the above procedure you have successfully installed another Cydia alternative called Mojo installer on your own iOS device without any jailbreak.