Guide To Remove Credit Card From Apple Pay Without Using iPhone

Apple Pay is one of the effective mobile payment services by the Apple which allows users to make payments online and retail checkout especially on new Apple devices such iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. One can easily add a credit card info with Apple Pay service but the question that comes in our minds that how to remove credit card from Apple Pay, and here is a short step by step guide to remove credit card info from Apple Pay without using iPhone.

Apple Pay

Those who want to change their credit cards, expired cards or the big problem is come when someone lost iPhone on which their credit card info is stored, then simply follow few easy steps given below to remove the payment info from their own account.

Guide To Remove Credit Card From Apple Pay Without Using iPhone

  • In order to execute these steps you need an internet connection and a compute
  • From your browser open and here sing-in to your Apple account


  • Under “My Devices” menu click on Settings menu where you will find Apple items
  • You’ll find a small icon for Apple Pay will be close to device on which you’ve installed the Apple Pay service

That’s all, with few easy steps your credit card will no more eligible for Apple Pay service. This method is very useful as it required no device and you can perform all these steps remotely.