Guide To Enable iCloud Drive In iOS 8

In iOS 8 the iCloud drive is one of the important feature, to access any file via an app with iCloud drive. This can be enabled on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad but also work on Mac with OS X Yosemite and Windows PC running on Windows 8. Using iCloud drive just create a folder and use that folder like local folders and files. Here follow a simple guide to enable iCloud Drive in iOS 8.

iCloud Drive

In iOS 8, the number of glitches found but definitely the iCloud Drive is not spoiled by the Apple. For user who have iOS device running on iOS 8 or Mac (Yosemite) or PC (Windows 7 or later) should take advantage of iCloud Drive. Here with few easy step you can enable the iCloud Drive on your own iOS device.

Steps To Enable iCloud Drive In iOS 8:

  • Open Settings and hit iCloud
  • Under iCloud option tap on iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive

  • Toggle On the  iCloud Drive.

The iCloud Drive is enabled now, just turn-off the Cellular data if you don’t to use the Cellular network or having limited data plan.

We can say that iCloud Drive is an alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox to some extent, the main reason to introduce iCloud Drive to provide a platform to users where they can easily share files, folders by placing their data.