Download iTools v2016 For iOS Devices Running iOS 9 [Windows & Mac]

iTunes is an exceptional software made by the Apple as used by the almost all the iPhone and iPad users all over the world. However it has some limitations. But right now we are telling you about the iTools which is another wonderful application to carry out risk-free transfers without having any trouble. iTools is a must have app and readily available for both Windows and Mac. Down below you can find the links to download iTools v2016 for iOS devices running iOS 9 and later.


You may use this application on Mac or Windows. This application facilitates the file management on all iOS devices such as transferring photos, games, apps, and song tracks etc. You can check our brief guide that how to use iTools.

Download iTools v2016 For iOS Devices Running iOS 9

The main features this application have are:

itoositools features

After installing the iTools v2016, you can view all the installed apps with “App Management” option. From browse list you can view file details, backup data and uninstall the app.

itools v2016

Users can deal with different media files such as music files, podcasts,  ringtones, TV shows, audio books, podcasts, importing and exporting PDFs, changing formats, and do more. It’s simple to manage data because it is possible to go through notes, messages, contacts and call history quickly.