2 Easy Ways To Transfer iTunes Library On Android Device

People who use devices such as iPod to listen music are piled up a sizable music collections on their computers over iTunes. But some people decide to switch over Android phones but as we know that there’s no iTunes like app for Android. But how you can enjoy your iTunes music on your new Android phone. Here we outline 2 easy ways to transfer iTunes library on Android device. Check out more details.

iTunes On Android

Transfer iTunes Library On Android Via Google Play Music

You can store up-to 5 thousands songs on Google Play Music cloud storage, which is accessible from both your Android phone and computer. But the most important thing that it is compatible with iTunes. To sync these two systems, you have to download the Google Play Music for Chrome or Google Music Manager on computer and Google Play Music app on your Android phone.

Now open the Google Music Manager application and log-in with Google account. Select the location of music you need to upload e.g. iTunes and the Google Music Manager program will begin to upload your music files.

Google Music Manager

The music files will sync automatically over desktop version with Google Play Music app on your Android device, launch it and tap My Library and all music files will appear. You need to connect your phone with your computer to upload all the music on your phone.

Transfer iTunes Library on Android via USB

You can even manually transfer the iTunes library on your Android device through USB. Simply connect your phone with your computer via USB cable. Open the file explorer then locate your iTunes library folder on your computer.

Just drag-and-drop this music folder to your Android phone to copy all the library on your Android phone. This definitely an easy method to transfer iTunes library on Android device.