100+ iOS Tips And Tricks For iOS 10 [List 2016]

iOS tips and tricks

This week final iOS 10 is released by Apple for all latest iPhone, the iPad and iPod touch which is a most significant update to the OS running the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here’s a list of 100+ iOS tips and tricks for iOS 10 that you probably don’t know up to now.

Do you exited about the new iOS firmware? Do you know that the latest version encapsulates more than 100 iOS tip and tricks? We think if you got some opportunity to watch Apple’s keynotes live streaming so as to get a much better comprehension of what is packed with new iOS platform. However, the iOS tips and tricks list given below are those features that are not mentioned during the keynotes.

When we are talking about last WWDC, then people who’d watched the keynotes will know that Apple’s senior VP of Software Engineering took all his stage time of the ten most significant improvements and features of new iOS 10 version. But he didn’t mention behind the scene secrets and functions that give iOS 10 some extra edge over past iOS releases.

100+ iOS Tips And Tricks For iOS 10 [List 2016]

There are some features and hidden secrets which are relatively new to those who didn’t upgrade their iOS device yet. Here you can check out the iOS 10 hidden secrets and hundred new features and capabilities.

  1. Read receipts by conversation in iMessages
  2. iCloud Drive Desktop folder
  3. Air Quality Index for China
  4. Faster Camera launch
  5. Continuity Clipboard
  6. Autocorrect improvements for Korean & Thai
  7. Notes collaboration
  8. Unlimited tabs in Safari
  9. Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain & Italy
  10. Definition dictionary in Danish
  11. Live Photos stabilization
  12. Markup in Messages
  13. Side-by-side Mail compose iPad
  14. Location suggestions in Calendar
  15. New iPad Camera UI
  16. Live Filters for Live Photos
  17. Conversation view in Mail
  18. Discover in iBooks
  19. Improved Auto Enhance in Photos
  20. Faster FaceTime connectivity
  21. CarPlay app reordering
  22. Split View in Safari on iPad
  23. Rest & type iPad keyboard
  24. Sort Favorites in Apple News
  25. iCloud Drive Documents folder
  26. Bilingual dictionaries in Dutch & Italian
  27. Apple Pay in Safari
  28. Mail suggested move folder
  29. Air quality in Maps for China
  30. Found in Messages
  31. Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos
  32. Mail filters
  33. CarPlay on ultra wide screens
  34. Bedtime alarm
  35. Siri in South Africa & Ireland
  36. Definition dictionary in Traditional Chinese
  37. Live Photos editing
  38. Avoid tolls in Maps
  39. Mailbox column
  40. Faster attachment sending in Messages
  41. No Game Center app, service is still there
  42. Delete stock Apple apps
  43. Re-download stock Apple apps from App Store
  44. Panes in Control Center
  45. New animations for opening and closing apps
  46. 3D Touch in Control Center
  47. New Back button
  48. New Folder view
  49. App Store gets back Categories tab
  50. Slide to unlock is gone from Lock screen, replaced by “Press home to unlock”
  51. Read receipts for individual Contacts in Messages
  52. New keyboard sound
  53. Cellular Data option in 3D Touch Quick Actions
  54. Take photos while listening to music
  55. Optimized storage for Music
  56. iOS 10 kernel is left unencrypted intentionally
  57. Widgets now show up on left side of Home screen, as well as left side on Lock screen, and even on left side of Notification Center system-wide
  58. Low Light, Medium Light, Bright Light options for Torch/Flashlight in Control Center
  59. New file system called ‘Apple File System’
  60. Home screen widgets in 3D Touch Quick Actions
  61. Get notifications on where you last parked your car
  62. In-line video playback in Messages, Safari and other apps.
  63. ReplayKit now allows live video streaming from apps and games, as well as screen-casting
  64. iPad as hub for HomeKit instead of Apple TV
  65. RAW support in Camera app
  66. Notifications for publishers in Apple News app
  67. Continuity Keyboard (tvOS 10 required on Apple TV)
  68. Magnifier feature under Accessibility setting
  69. 100+ new emojis
  70. Warning when connected to open and unsecured Wi-Fi networks
  71. Raise to Wake
  72. Warning if Liquid is detected in Lightning port
  73. “Hey Siri” now activates only one device at a time
  74. “Rest Finger to Unlock” option is still there
  75. Photos app can detect 7 facial expressions
  76. Photos app can detect 4432 type of objects
  77. Prioritized app downloads
  78. Warning for apps that aren’t 64-bit compatible
  79. Improved landscape mode for Safari on small screen devices
  80. Close all tabs in Safari at once by tapping and holding on the tabs button.
  81. 3D Touch to clear all notifications at once in Notification Center
  82. Search bookmarks and Reading List in Safari
  83. Tap and hold links in Safari to get new “Share” option, clicking on which invokes Share Sheet
  84. Swipe up on a photo to view related photos in Photos app
  85. Spotlight Search can now search iCloud Drive app
  86. Markup in Photos app
  87. Song lyrics in Music app
  88. Siri now provides suggestions when editing the query manually
  89. Access Spotlight Search from anywhere system-wide
  90. System-wide Look Up feature
  91. 3D Touch on app’s icon on the Home screen to share that app
  92. 3D Touch to rename folders on Home screen
  93. 3D Touch on the app’s icon on Home screen which is being downloaded from the App Store to pause/resume or cancel the installation
  94. 3D Touch on folders on Home screen to see pending notification at a glance
  95. 3D Touch on Spotlight Search suggestions
  96. Calendar now suggests events based on prior events
  97. Emergency Bypass in Contacts for Do Not Disturb
  98. Find My Apple Watch available in Find My iPhone app for watches running watchOS 3
  99. Split View on iPad works for App Store
  100. Health app redesign
  101. Health app adds new Organ Donation option

Ok, guys, we think that you people would love to see these new iOS tips and tricks in latest iOS 10 version. To check all these, you have a most recent iOS device running on latest iOS 10 version.