Download Best VPN Apps For iPhone, iPad Now [2016]

best VPN apps for iPhone

A VPN (virtual private network), allow you to browse the internet securely, freely with privacy as well. Data is routed to particular servers, and you can access restricted content as well. Like other smartphones iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad have built-in VPN feature all you need to configure it. Here we are with a new list of best VPN apps for iPhone, iPad to download.

Some VPNs are paid, and some are free, but all of them having some terms and condition to use and to abide by unless you have your own. The paid VPN are more secure than free ones, but even though some free VPNs are so good to use.

Their several usages of using VPN and one is to protect you from various snoopers and hackers attacks when you are connecting to an internet server for data transformation. The other uses are:

  • VPNs help secure you on insecure networks
  • VPNs can spoof your location
  • VPNs can encrypt your data
  • VPNs can get you around institutional blocks

Having some new apps on your device screen is magnificent. But always select reliable vendor apps to download. The same case must be considered for VPN provider, only select that VPN which doesn’t breach your information to 3rd parties.

Best VPN Apps For iPhone, iPad


best VPN apps for iPhone

This VPN service offers more than 27 worldwide regions which include some local options for wide selection of local locations. It contains fast and 256-bit encryption with OpenVPN. It is a US-based VPN service and ensures no usage log. Moreover, iOS users can select the destination, can log in. The PIA VPN app is available on App Store.

IPVanish VPN App

IPVanish has more than 180 servers and available in more than 60 countries. It also comes with OpenVPN, no logging, P2P traffic,  and 256-bit encryption. It freely available for only 24 hours, and Subscription plans begin with $2 (for one week), $10 (for one month), $27 (for three months), and $75 (for one year). It offers unlimited bandwidth. From App Store IPVanish is available to download.

VyprVPN App

best VPN apps for iPhone

VyprVPN offers you more than 50 locations. Its network is own by Golden Frog, and provide more privacy, no data sharing with 30 days minimum logs. It offers 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN with easy configuration and preferences. Moreover, it also has some extras such as Chameleon (disguised streaming) and Dump Truck (secure storage). Starting price is $15 per month to $100 Pro services for one year.

ExpressVPN App

It has 78 servers in different countries. It also offers OpenVPN, 256-bit encryption with zero logging and can log in from 100 regions. iOS user can try this VPN as a free trial is available for 24 hours. Subscription price starts from $13 (one month) to $100 (one year). One PC and one smartphone can be connected simultaneously.

Tunnel Bear VPN App

best VPN apps for iPhone

TunneBear VPN app is available 15 countries with lovely puns and bears graphics, 256-bit encryption and minimum logging. The user can get 500 MB free data per month. Pricing starts from $4 (per month) to $30 (per year) for one device and $7(per month) to $50 (per year) for five simultaneous connections. Tunnel Bear is also available on App Store.

  • Noah Contreras

    I hate vyprvpn, they locked my account all of a sudden. no questions asked, no prior notice. very unacceptable! now, they won’t issue refund.

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