DimInCall iPhone App: How To Keep Your iPhone Screen Dim While Calling

DimInCall Preview


Have you ever noticed while calling on your iPhone that your cheek is pressing the buttons ? Sure, there is a proximity sensor in your iPhone that try to avoid this from happening, But any type of jostling can combat its initiatives.   A good news for all of you is that there is a cool jailbreak tweak that can solve this problem. Snakeninny has developed an app named DimInCall which dim the screen of your iPhone automatically while your iPhone makes a call and it keeps the screen dim till the call is over.


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This twaek comes in standard package and after installation its options can be configured within the settings app.

There are four toggle options:

1. Dim with microphone

2: Dim with headphone

3: Dim with speaker

4: vibrate on connection.

If you feel that the problem irritates you and want to solve the problem permanently then the tweak is for you. Try it and share your experience in the comments area below.

The app   DimInCall can be obtained from BigBoss repo for just $2.