iPhone Passcode Forgot: What To Do Now

iPhone passcode forgot: is definitely a very serious issue now a days as passcode is required to access device. As Apple apply its security on iOS devices especially for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you forgot your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so you are in big trouble. Let’s check below to learn what to do? if you forgot your iPhone passcode.

iphone passcode forgot

But losing your iPhone passcode doesn’t mean that your throw your iPhone as it is worthless now. As you can get rid of this with couple of glitches as we are showing the way you can get of if.

iPhone Passcode Forgot What To Do?

Well if you want to get rid of iPhone passcode error then need to make couple of things:

  • Precious time out of your busy schedule. An iPhone can’t be instantly unlocked unless you are carrying your lightning cable and the computer marked trusted with iTunes, having these tools would save you some time.
  • If the Find My iPhone option is enabled, after the restore you will need to enter the Apple ID and password to activate the device. You can follow this guide to check iCloud activation status of the device.
  • Data stored on the device are going to be wiped clean. However, they could be backed up and restored again later, but for the moment iTunes will wipe the device.
  • If you had been using an older version of iTunes because you didn’t want your iPhone to be updated to the latest iOS version, you can’t hold on to that anymore. iTunes will restore the iPhone with the latest version of iOS and the previous version won’t stay any longer – no matter how much you hate the newer iOS.

iPhone Passcode Forgot: Steps to do

  • On your computer use iTunes to backup your iPhone data. It is good to have a trusted computer to make things much easier and faster. It is important to take backup because after restoring your iPhone there will be no data on your iPhone.
  • After this perform a restore procedure through iTunes which will ask you to put your iPhone in DFU mode. Just follow the instructions, the moment your iPhone in DFU mode, an auto restore process will take place.
  • The device firmware  will be automatically re-installed, you just need to restore your earlier device backup. Your iPhone is unlocked now and you can set-up a new pass-code on your device. While applying this procedure on iPhone 6s you need to have a registered fingerprint as well.

Your iPhone is unlocked now even after you have forgot your iPhone passcode. One thing you need to remember that while taking your device backup just make sure that you have unchecked Encrypt iPhone Backup option.


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