iOS 8 Bluetooth Connectivity Problem: How to Fix


In fact Apple provided lots of new features with iOS 8, and providing some more in beta versions, but with such rapid development leads iOS 8 to the way where number of issues and bugs are raising and one of those issue is the Bluetooth connectivity problem and here how to fix iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity problem, check out further detail down below.


iOS 8  bluetooth connectivity

The very first step you need to take is simple make sure that to find out whether the problem is with you iOS device or with the Bluetooth equipment you are attempting to connect with and to do so just try to make a connection with your PC, Mac or any other Bluetooth supporting device whether it works or not.

How to Fix iOS 8 Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

If your device which is running on iOS 8 is the actual culprit then here some quick remedies you can try:

Turn-off Device Bluetooth and then Reboot

From your device control center turn-off your device Bluetooth setting or by going into “Settings -> Bluetooth” and then reboot your iOS device, and after device is booted just go-to “Settings -> Bluetooth” and toggle on the Bluetooth switch again. Now try to your device on Bluetooth if not connecting then follow next step down below.

Forget the Paired Device

If the above step doesn’t work then forgot the paired device from your iOS device and then try again.

To forgot paired device do this:

  • Open Settings – > Bluhtooth
  • Hit the “i” icon showing against the paid device which having the pairing problem
  • Just hit the button called “Forget This Device” and then confirm
  • Now try again to pair your iOS device with that device.

Reset Network Settings

If the above methods does not delivered the result, then try to “Reset Network Settings”
by going into Settings – > General -> Reset – > Reset Network Settings, your device will be reboot and after device rebooting try to pair your device. If failed then just move ahead and follow next step.

Restore your device

If none above solution work then just try to restore your device using iTunes and setup it again as new device. And if this deosn’t solve your iOS 8 Bluetooth Connectivity problem then go to nearest Apple store to find out the quick and last option for your device.