5 Hidden Tips For Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow is spreading these days as lots of Android devices getting the Android Marshmallow update. There are lots of new features offered by new Android firmware but Android users are not fully aware of its new improvements. Here we come up with 5 hidden tips for Android Marshmallow. Check the detail to learn more.


android marshmallow

Android Marshmallow was announced at Google I/O on May 28 2015, when Android M developer preview is released. Google offered couple of updates to Android M preview before Marshmallow was officially named on Augut 17. Alongside the 2015 Nexus devices, finally Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow on September 29, 2015.

Uninstall apps from Android home screen

While using Android Marshmallow you can uninstall any app on your home or inside app drawer just by long pressing it.

Android Marshmallow Tips

You will find options for Uninstall/Remove at top of the home screen, or App Info and Uninstall option within App drawer. Just drag the required app to delete.

Grant app permissions individually

Granular app permissions was offered by Android Marshmallow. Not everyone really know this special option. But denying specific app permissions using 3rd part app can break this.

Android Marshmallow Tips

However, using this you can manage the app permissions individually, without developers need to do anything.

To use the app permissions, just navigate Settings –> Apps and tap the specific app to check its permissions. Then simply set the permission accordingly.

Customize Quick Settings via UI Tuner

To use the System UI Tuner, just open device Settings and simply swipe down the screen with two fingers and tap-and-hold the cog wheel for just 5 seconds. You will prompted for enabling the System UI Tuner. Simply hit Yes and the System UI Tuner will showing at bottom of the screen.

Android Marshmallow Tips

From System UI Tuner, open Quick Settings to see a model of Quick Settings shade. To add titles just tap the ‘+’ icon at bottom of screen. Delete the toggles by dragging to bottom and move the toggle by the tap and drag. All your changes will reflected automatically.

Activate Google Now from Lock Screen

It is rather a very welcome change in Android Marshmallow as dialer  shortcut on lock screen has been replaced by Google Now. You can use Google Now from lock screen to call someone just by speaking so no need a direct dialar shortcut.

All the above hidden tips for Android Marshmallow are very useful to use, and apart from these changes you can find some other tweaks such as Switch on multi-window mode, navigate better with Bluetooth, disable notification peeking and many more.