How to Fix Jailbreak Detection in Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Much awaited Super Mario Run game was released officially and already available on App Store to download on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. But people who have jailbroken devices is surprised to find out that Nintendo game will not run when finding a jailbroken device. Here’s is how to fix jailbreak detection in Super Mario Run.

Not only this game but popular game Pokemon Go had this issue, only placed there in the first place to stop players from cheating in the games and getting past others in the leaderboard. However, if you want to know a bypass for the Super Mario Run on a jailbroken iPhone, keep reading through.

There is no issue to download the Super Mario Run game file on your device no matter it is jailbroken or not. However, the issue is that after installing the game on jailbroken device an error will show up. To run this game on a jailbroken device another patch from Cydia is require to download to validate the Super Mario Run on jailbroken device. Such tweak hides the device jailbreak status from the fame during the start up.

Down here we are explaining the process of fetch a patch from Cydia Store via tsProtector’s downloading techniques. However, the whole procedure of getting other Cydia tweaks is pretty similar.

  • Launch Cydia
  • From Search tab and search the tsProtector
  • Open tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8)

  • If you have already installed iOS 9.3.3 on your iPhone, you might just try the tsprotector for iOS 8 & 9
  • Purchase the package and then tap on the Install button to install the tweak onto your device
  • After the tweak is installed, from device home screen go to the Settings app and open tsProtector’s preferences pane
  • Go to Black List Apps

  • Find ‘Mario Run’ in the list and turn on its toggle.

After applying the whole procedure, the tweak will in fact hide the jailbreak detection in Super Mario Run and allow you play the game without any issue.