Step By Step Guide To Install IPA Files On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch With iOS 6 Without Jailbreaking

Following the unexpected closing of Hackulous, a lot of people have faced many problems in downloading API files that were previously downloaded using Hackulous. But don’t worry, because we’ve found a way to install API files and the interesting thing is that, without jailbreaking your device. All you have to do is check the guide, then follow these simple steps mentioned and you are done.

Step By Step Guide To Install IPA Files On iOS 6

Compliments of this procedure basically goes to the Chinese website, “” who has developed this latest and more effective application installation without jailbreak your iOS device.

How To Install Files On iOS 6 Without Jailbreak KuaiYong iOS 6

How To Install IPA Files On iOS 6 Without Jailbreak By KuaiYong iOS 6

Before starting the guide, the following things are required:-

  •  PC  with Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8.
  •  iPhone  / iPod / iPad.
  •  The latest version of  iTunes.
  •  Kuaiyong (visit

How To Install IPA Files On iPhone Running iOS 6 Without Jailbreaking:

Step No 1:- First of all you’ll connect your device to your computer or laptop, after connecting your device just launch  iTunes. by following this, enter  your iPhone app tab, uncheck the “Automatically synchronize new app installed” and confirm the settings by pressing “sync” at the bottom right.

Step No 2:-  To be able to install Kuaiyong, you will launch it 1st and after launching click the 2nd last button at the bottom right corner on the screen.

Step No 3:- After Step No 3, launch the Kuaiyong program and search for the applications which you want to download.

Step No 4:- After getting to the particular page of the application, click the red button on the left side of the page to download it. And after the  completion  of the download your device will have that app installed in it.

Step No 4:- After reaching the specific page of the application, click on the red button on the left side of the page to download. And then after completing download, your gadget will have its application installed on it.

Step No 5:- To manually add an application in the list, then click with the right mouse button on the application to transfer in iPhone, then select option number 2.

By following the above steps you have done. But if there is still some confusion let us know through the comments area below.

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