Samsung Galaxy S4 Review With All Details Specification

Well it is lastly here. Samsung has lastly released its leading device. Samsung Galaxy S4 is lastly here to contend in real life against some of the best smartphones on the globe. So before you make any opinion on the New Samsung Galaxy S4, I highly recommend you read this evaluation on Samsung Galaxy S4. Check out all information regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 below!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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These days in New York are able Samsung lastly released the Galaxy S4 providing many gossips to a take a position still, well most of these gossips were pretty identify on. If you skipped out the event, or still want to watch the entire 43 minutes movie of genuine Samsung power.
For those of you who like the good ‘ol reading. Here is a basic initial review on Samsung’s power house. Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally here. So let’s check out this smartphone which is going to give the competition something to worry about.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Design

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First of all let’s look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 design wise. Those of you who have been using the Galaxy S3 would know the real difference – which is basically nothing! The average consumer is not going to see a major difference in the design category for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has went with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude.

Samsung Galaxy S4 now features a full 5-inch 1080p (441ppi) Super AMOLED display. Those of you who use the iPhone 5 would see the difference. iPhone 5 has a 326 ppi (Pixels per inch) while the Galaxy S4 packs a 441 ppi display.

Although the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is larger compared to the S3 but it actually feels small. This is due to the fact that it is much thinner and only 0.08 inches taller than Galaxy S3. It weighs 4.6 ounces which is 0.9 ounces lighter compared to Galaxy S3.

Overall it feels much similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware

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Gone are the days when Samsung used to feel plastic-y. Samsung Galaxy S4 now feels like a proper built smartphone. Not only that, it now actually feels great to hold it in your hands.

Samsung has went all-in on the Samsung Galaxy S4. It now packs 2 GB RAM, 2600mAH battery, 1.9 GHz quod-core Snapdragon processor, although we currently can not confirm but it is expected that European and Asian countries will get the  Samsung Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor. Which as you can imagine is much powerful compared to others.

Samsung Galaxy S4 also features NFC ( Near Field Communication), and will be available in three different storage capacities; 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB. Although you do have an option for an SD card.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

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This is where most of you will be interested. Whenever a new smartphone is released, everyone asks about the camera, well a majority of the people. To those Galaxy lovers, well Samsung has not disappointed you. Samsung Galaxy S4 now features a cool 13 MP back camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Which would be enough for all those pout pictures.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 100 shots per four-second feature. Which means that Galaxy S4 will be able to take 100 pictures every four seconds! Which is quite impressive.

Samsung also added another feature to the camera list and that is the ability to record a five second sound. Sometimes you need a sound to go with the picture and Samsung has you covered. Before taking any picture it will give you the ability to record a small sound that will go with the picture. A perfect for all those birthday pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Air View

Samsung has introduced a nice feature to the Galaxy S4 and that is, it gives you the ability to preview images and “move around” the smartphone without even touching the screen!

All you have to do is simply hover your finger above the screen and it will do the desired motion. Which I personally think is a pretty neat move.

This Air View feature uses Kinect-like technology, which means it does work pretty well. It will also let you make voice calls without even touching the screen!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause

We had been talking about this and it is finally here. You remember the eye scroll feature, right? Well it is exactly that. Finally the rumors are true after all.

This Smart Pause feature tracks your eye movement and whenever you are looking at the screen, it will keep a constant “eye” on you. Whenever you remove your eyes from the screen, let’s say while watching a video then the Galaxy S4 will pause the screen. If you turn your eyes back on the screen, then the video will resume. Actually it doesn’t really “look at your eyes”, what it does is uses facial-recognition technology to see where you are looking.

Smart Pause technology let’s you browse the web, read emails and do other functions on the Samsung Galaxy S4.  This is a pretty great feature many people had been expecting from the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps

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Samsung Galaxy S4 has some built-in apps which are going to be pretty useful for an everyday user. Some of these apps are S-translation and ChatOn.

S translation is basically a translator for some major languages such as  Chinese, English U.S., English British, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. You simply speak to your Galaxy S4 and it will translate these via vocal and written into another language mentioned above. Pretty useful for those people who travel a lot.

The second app is ChatOn. It is a VoIP application which has the ability to do a three-way video calls. It uses both the front-facing camera and the back camera for a full video conferencing experiencing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Overall

Samsung Galaxy S4 is no doubt a great smartphone. It is finally going to give the iPhone 5, and the HTC One some major competition but is it enough to completely dominate the market? Well only time will tell that.

The initial reaction around the world regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be positive but again they all are reading blogs like ours and getting feedback that is mostly feed through Samsung.

Once the majority of people get their hands-on Samsung Galaxy devices, then they will decide whether this is the best smartphone in the world or not.

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