How to Speed-Up iOS 7 On iOS Devices [iPhone,iPad & iPod Touch]

iOS 7 is designed to support the iPhone 4 and later, and iPad 2 and up. Officially, this indicates iOS 7 should work efficiently on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 – the older iPhone/iPad gadgets with the respect to iOS 7. But possibilities are high, that your previous iPhone/iPad stutters with the iOS 7.

In hardware terms, iOS 7 does operate relatively smoothly on previous iDevices but other stuff – apps, data , processes running in background, updates and so on. can in fact decelerate your gadget.


Listed here are some suggestions how to speed-up iOS 7 on iOS Devices for instance iPhone 4 & 4S and iPad 2/ 3/ 4 and iPad Mini.

Stop All The Background App Refresh

iOS 7 refreshes the apps even when they are running in background. Normally, this consumes lots of memory when we run several apps which refresh automatically. In the present world, lots of apps do that.

iOS 7 is slowing down? Could be cut down due background app refresh. To turn off this feature, go-to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and turn-off it .

Turn-Off the Auto Updates

Searching at a significant number of applications ready to be updated is not just nice but lots of applications updating quietly in background is not cool either – when you have a restricted data plan and on your old iPhone or iPad.

When it is enabled, automatically the iOS 7 will update the apps. You will be informed, obviously, but it continues in the background as well as all other processes. This will likely slow the iOS 7. If you’ve the addiction of updating the apps frequently – could possibly be do it by bedside over night – you may need to turn off this.

Go-to Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> turn-off the Updates under the Automatic Downloads.

Clear All The Apps That You Don not Use

Smart phones require cleaning too. If you allow your iOS Device be a little unorganized, the apps and the data stack up will cost a great deal later on. In case of having an old iOS Device on iOS 7, this influence compounds. So it is much better that you clear all the apps from your iOS device. When you clear the apps and their related data, you get lots of  free space that iOS 7 can increase to or take advantage of.

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