Activate iOS 7 Beta 1 Firmware To Fix iMessage And FaceTime Issues

Once again our Fan Page of Facebook is rising with people questioning how to activate iOS 7 beta 1 firmware. The method is really simple and could be done by nearly everyone without having any hassle. We now have even well prepared a specific video guide on how to do this process. In fact, Apple has hurried with this new update and been unsuccessful to keep up this version of the iOS extra secure, as it performed with the earlier versions. So, what you waiting for? Come on and activate your iOS 7 firmware device now.


Step By Step Guide To Activate iOS 7 Beta 1 Firmware:

Step 1: First of install the iOS 7 beta 1 on your idevice, comply with this tutorial if you have not performed this already.

Step 2: Allow your iPhone restart working this new firmware version. Now you’ll be provided with the a setup guide.

Step 3: Simply swipe to right on-screen to have to the language selection screen.

Step 4: Press down the Home button and after that tap the Emergency Call.


Step 5: Press the device home button three consecutive times that will activate the Voice-Over feature.

Step 6: Now Tap the Call option. It will focus on the call button.

Step 7: Swipe to left on-screen. It will highlight the hidden Phone app tabs.

Step 8: When the Voice-mail is highlighted, two times tap in highlight frame. It will begin a call to voice-mail and it’ll fail at the same time too. Do not get worried that is the part of this process.

Step 9:   Now you can disable Voice-Over by pressing Home Button triple times . Then press  Cancel.

Now the activate process is finished and you can simply use iOS 7 on your preferred device. Get pleasure from. here is the video if you were not in a place to get this perfect the first time.

Right after upgrading to the iOS 7 beta on any iDevice, some people met the loss of Push ability.It reflected generally in end users trying to work with iMessage and FaceTime and getting a frustrating popup that “Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications”. And the depressing fact is that when Push capability is missing. No WhatsApp push, No Exchange push, no Game Center push. So here I give you the solution to for it.

Instructions: To Fix iMessage And FaceTime Issues


  1. Download RedSn0w from the following links:
    Mac OSx:
  2. Connect your iDevice to the computer with the USB cable
  3. Open RedSn0w
  4. Click on “Extras”
  5. Click on “Even More”
  6. Click on “Deactivate”
  7. Now your iDevice is deactivated and should show an activation screen
  8. Open iTunes on your computer
  9. iTunes should detect that the iDevice is connected and try to activate it
  10. If all is good and apple sends the activation tickets, your iDevice goes back to normal, only this time – with Push Capability.


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  • Solksjaer

    Does the process of activating iMessage and FaceTime have something to do with the developer account. Because it says “deactivate” iPhone and then you have to wait for apple to send the tickets for the activation , which I guess are bounded to the developer account.

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