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5 Features Of iPhone 7 That Make Everyone Love It

iPhone has been popular between tech and feature appreciators from quite a lot time. If you see tech specifications and features when you go to select your smartphone then there is no better and easy choice than iPhone. People buy iPhone without worrying about anything else because they can trust it.

iPhone has multiple features that are worth appreciating and if we talk about main features that people love the most then it is really very hard to choose. With every release, Apple integrates a series of new features in a smart phone that makes it even hard to decide which feature is the best and which is not.

This is the speciality of iPhone that you can consider it the best device from all perspective. iPhone can give you the advantage of extraordinary features along with amazingly eye catching appearance. Moreover, you can customise the appearance of your iPhone with iPhone cover and there is no limit of creative options.

If you want to purchase iPhone back cover, flip cover or cases then this will be the easiest thing to do with the help of online stores like Amazon and Snapdeal etc. In short, if you have iPhone then you can simply forget about the limitations of functionality and options for your smartphone.

5 Best Features Of iPhone 7

  1. Storage Capacity: Although iPhone is a perfect smartphone that offers everything still storage was a major issue for those who require the bigger storage capacity of a smartphone. However, this problem is solved with iPhone 7 because you will get 16 GB storage capacity now.
  2. Dust And Water Resistance: No matter what kind of weather you face, you will never need to worry about the safety of your iPhone from weather changes because it has a feature of water resistance and dust resistance that will keep your smartphone safe without iPhone 7 back covers.
  3. Improved 12 MP Sensor: Pictures are always best when you take from your iPhone but this is the time to see something even better in iPhone 7 because 12 MP camera sensors are now improved with advanced technology that allows you to get better and improved pictures.
  4. 7 MP Facetime Camera: Facetime camera capacity of iPhone has also been improved impressively. Now, you will get 7 MP face-time Camera so that you can get better face-time picture quality. Additionally, the performance has also been improved of pictures for a better experience.
  5. Taptic Engine Improvements: This is one of the most highlighted and most popular features of iOS 10. It allows you to get subtle haptic interactions when you are interfacing with iOS 10. This improves the overall experience of using iPhone and sounds of general actions have also been improved.

Additionally, there are few other features that make iPhone eye-catching device.

Lightning Connector EarPods: iPhone ear pods have always been the same and they are still the same from appearance but now you will find new advancement of Lightning Connector in your Apple ear pods. They are much better in everything from their previous versions as well.

Jet Black Finish: iPhone 7 provides jet black finish along with scratch and finger print resistant feature on the iPhone body. This allows you to get the advantage of better appearance and iPhone is prone to micro-abrasions as well. Overall, you can say that iPhone have everything that makes it perfect.

The appearance of iPhone is perfect from all aspects and that is why there is no necessary requirement of purchasing iPhone 7 case covers for security purposes. However, if you would like to change the appearance and do some creative experiments with the looks of your iPhone then you can always buy covers.

There is no limit of iPhone flip covers and cases that will fulfil your requirement of adding creativity to the look of your iPhone. Moreover, you can also get additional advantages like the better grip or extra pocket with the help of smartphone cover purchase. Choosing covers for iPhone is all about looks!

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