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Download IPA Files From App Store To Your Computer [How To]

In past, people download apps on their iOS computer through iTunes and then install them on their device through USB and cable.

These days, actually people not plugging their iOS devices with their computer any more, because they are using Wi-Fi and App Store to download and install apps. Even for device backup and restore people are not using computer any more.

Although it is reality that almost everything can reside in the cloud, but despite this you have to take backup of all of your apps. Some reasons behind this are, including the possibility that an app update will harm something and you need to restore to a previous app version saved on your computer or Apple pulling an app from the App Store and you need to reinstall it. In such situations, you need a copy of an app’s IPA on your computer.

Download IPA Files From App Store To Your Computer [How To]

Here is things you need to do to download IPA file on your own computer.

  • Launch iTunes and sync your iOS device, By syncing your device all your installed apps are copies onto computer. You can download your required app manually via Apps –> App Store section of iTunes App Store as well
  • After doing this, simply open Explorer and go-to Music –> iTunes –> iTunes Media –> Mobile Applications

  • All your apps IPAs will be available in this location. If you have multiple versions of app then you may see multiple IPA copies for same app
  • Just copy folder contents to safe location such as separate drive, online storage or a USB stick
  • And that all your app is now safe and sound no matter what Apple does do them.

By applying above given steps it is so easy to download IPA files from App Store to your computer for so many reasons. Keep check out blog for more tutorials.