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How-To Bring Back Missing iPhone Contacts In Four Easy Way

missing iPhone contacts

Every iPhone user may run into a very unusual problem which is very frustrating things for all of use. And the real issue is that iPhone user lost their contacts or all iPhone’s contacts disappear suddenly. Here’s how to bring back missing iPhone contacts.

Many iPhone users will searching for the solution of this issue and I have also face the same issue last year. Thankfully, it is very easy to bring back the missing contacts on your iPhone. We’ll show you how it can be done.

Method 1: iCloud Sign out and then Sign in back

  • Go-to Settings –> iCloud
  • Scroll down and in the bottom tap on Sign Out
  • Now sign back into your iCloud account
  • Make sure that toggle for Contacts is turned on.

Method 2: Enable/Disable Contacts in iCloud

  • Go-to Settings –> iCloud
  • Turn-off the toggle for Contacts. You will  get a prompt for removing the previously synced contacts, here select Delete from My iPhone (which will remove your iPhone contacts but your iCloud contacts still out there)
  • Now reboot your iPhone forcefully
    • Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together until your device restarts and you see the Apple logo. On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you have to press the Volume Down and Home button.
  • From Settings –> iCloud and toggle on Contacts.

Method 3: Change Contacts Groups Settings

  • Open your iPhone Phone app
  • From Contacts tab tap on Groups
  • Un-select the All iCloud option
  • Hit on All to select it
  • From top right corner tap on Done to save the settings.

Now you’ll see all the saved contacts will showing in contacts list of your iPhone.

Method 4: Last restort to Restore your iPhone from iTunes Backup

Only those people can use this last option who have taken their iPhone backup on iTunes before facing this issue. So they just only to restore their device to get back all missing contacts.

  • Connect your device with your computer and open iTunes
  • Click device icon to open the Summary page
  • Now just click on Restore Backup
  • Select the latest backup and after that click on Restore.

These are the four solutions to getting back the contacts that are missing on your iPhone. It is very annoying when your contacts disappear altogether, so we highly recommend that you take a backup of your iPhone in iTunes consistently in order to avoid losing your significant data.