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CoolBooster: iOS Dual-Boot Utility Available Now For iPhone, iPad


A new iOS utility called CoolBooter is released, allow iPhone, iPad users to dual-boot two different iOS version on original iPhone or iPad. People every now and then heard the term “Dual-boot” for computers, but a dual-boot word for smartphones is something very strange. The new CoolBooster utility is design for this purpose.

On computer dual-boot is a piece of cake nowadays, running two different operating systems on a single computer like running MacOS and Windows on Mac or Linux and Windows on single PC. People who have 32-bit jailbroken iPhone can use CoolBooter for the same purpose.

Some software experts and skilled developers have already demonstrated the dual-boot of two mobile operating systems on the single mobile device. Nevertheless, the CoolBooster makes things much easier on jailbroken iOS devices, because this is not a big challenge now.

CoolBooster: iOS Dual-Boot Utility

As we mentioned earlier, this app is available for 32-bit iPhones only which are jailbroken. Moreover, this is effective on devices that have publicly available firmware keys, which immediately rules out certain iPod touch models, such as the fifth-generation iPod touch, as well the original iPad mini, which was built with the second revision of Apple’s A5 chip. Excluding those, there is compatibility with devices like Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. The iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 are also supported due to their 32-bit architecture.

The big advantage of using Coolbooster is it is very simple to use after installing it via Cydia. There are no unusual settings require to install or use the app. It offers a very simple interface to install the second iOS version. The user can switch between iOS versions as they needed.

While writing this post, the CoolBooter is available in beta version. Those who can not wait for the final app can now launch Cydia, and from sources just add and then search for the app to install on their jailbroken iPhone, iPad.