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3 Easy Methods To Check iPhone Locked/Unlocked Status

iPhone unlock status

An unlocked iPhone or iPad can work on any carrier network by using a valid SIM. Do you have an officially unlocked iPhone from carrier such as AT&T or paid somebody to factory unlocked your iPhone or buy a used iPhone and want to know that your iPhone is factory unlocked or not? It is not difficult task these days here you can find 3 easy methods to check iPhone locked/unlocked status.

One thing is important to note before finding out your iPhone lock or unlock status, if your iPhone was purchased from network carrier, it’s probably be locked by that carrier and it needs to be unlocked by the same carrier. If your device is in contract the CDMA carriers can unlock your iPhone.

3 Easy Methods To Check iPhone Locked/Unlocked Status

Here are few simple methods to check your iPhone locked unlocked status:

Simple way to check iPhone Unlock Status using SIM Cards

The easiest way tor check your iPhone unlock status is usually to take out the SIM card currently inserted and insert another carrier SIM. Then wait for a while, you can easily check if your iPhone gets carrier service signals.

For instance, if your are inside United States, you can use a Verizon SIM to check AT&T iPhone lock status. If you get the carrier signals it means that your iPhone is unlocked.

2nd way to check iPhone Unlock Status using IMEI code

In addition the IMEI unlock is quite cheap and any iPhone user can easily afford it. This unlock method is commonly known among the iOS society as the IMIE unlock. This is because if you want your iPhone unlocked you will only need to provide the proper 15 digit IMEI code. Once unlocked your device will be added in the white list data base of Apple and will be listed as officially unlocked.

To be able to order the unlock first you will need to find the IMEI code of your device. Just go to Settings-General-About and scroll down or Dial *#06#. The 15 digit number will be displayed on your iPhone screen.

Now that you have fulfilled this requirement just find the authentic IMEI checker to check your iPhone lock status and enter the exact IMEI number then wait for a while and you will get your iPhone lock status with some additional information.

Nowadays it is really hard to find legit IMEI Unlock method because there are too many locked iPhone devices at the moment and many online scammers are trying to earn extra money by abusing this serious issue which many people have. So the need of an official IMEI unlocking method would be more than welcome among the Apple users.

3rd way to check iPhone Unlock Status with iTunes Restore

The last and the simple way to check your iPhone lock status is to restore your iPhone via iTunes to its factory settings and if you see the message ‘Congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked’, it means your device unlocked.

By using above three easy ways you can check that either your iPhone is locked or unlocked. If you want to sell your iPhone in unlocked condition, that will increase the price of your iPhone. So now you don’t need to worry before purchasing iPhone from eBay, Amazone or from your friends after checking its status.